RAF Church Fenton photo gallery

6 viewsIn Cliff's words:
"Stood on a 72 Jav at Leconfield are on the left Harry Dwyer (24th Entry Boy Entrants-Air Radar) and the photo's owner Arthur Barnard (35th Entry Boy Entrants- Air Radar). I was 25th entry Air Radar but later changed trades to Ground Radar and served in Yorkshire again at Patrington." © Arthur Barnard
8 viewsIn Cliff's words:
"A group of 72's groundcrew sat on a tractor at Leconfield. Arthur and Harry are on the right of the picture. Unfortunatly Harry who was a good friend to me is no longer with us." Does anyone know the name of any of the others in this photo? © Arthur Barnard
5 viewsJavelin XA727 on the runway at Leconfield, shortly after 72's move from Church Fenton. © Arthur Barnard
4 viewsPhoto of an inspection of the 72 Squadron line at RAF Leconfield. Enlargement of the previous picture to show the groundcrew - anyone recognise any faces? © Arthur Barnard
8 viewsPhoto of an inspection of the 72 Squadron line at RAF Leconfield. © Arthur Barnard
3 viewsFantastic photo of a formation start-up by 72 Sqn's Javelins at Leconfield. © Arthur Barnard
4 viewsA 72 Squadron pin badge, acquired by John during his time at Church Fenton. © John L Lawrence
4 views© John L Lawrence
6 viewsA photo of the inside of room 1 of block 3 at Church Fenton, 1958/59. This block used to be the WRAF block (where the showers came out of the wall rather than from a rose in the ceiling!). © John L Lawrence
7 viewsA photo taken in front of a NAAFI van, most likely at Church Fenton, 1957. Cliff is stood directly to the left of the van's numberplate, facing the camera. The person on the far right, facing the camera, is Alf (Pearson?).
5 viewsThe Airman's mess at Church Fenton, late 1950s. © John L Lawrence
5 viewsTerry Meehan, in the Radio Servicing Flight in the Wireless Bay. This was the collection of green pre-fab buildings nearest to 1 Hangar, and the main road, which were demolished in the 1990s. The equipment he was working on is a TR1987 airborne VHF transmitter / receiver, which operated in the 105 - 144MHz band. © John L Lawrence
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